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Now-a-Dollar March 18



Did the Oscars broadcast leave you eager to catch up on this year's nominated songs? Two of the nominees make their second-run theater debuts this weekend. ---

"I See the Light" was the love ballad from Tangled, Disney's computer-animated spin on the classic Rapunzel story. It's far from the most memorable of the film's catchy songs, but the Disney formula that has resulted in so many charming animated musicals over the past 20 years is fully in evidence here. The result is funny, energetic and satisfying on nearly every level.

Gwyneth Paltrow sang "Coming Home" at the Oscars, sort-of-re-creating her role in Country Strong as an emotionally fragile country singer who's hitting the road again after a stint in rehab for alcoholism. While our MaryAnn Johanson was won over by its story of the perils of fame, your humble narrator found its narrative too unfocused to give its melodramatic turns enough punch. Of course, you could always just go to listen to the music.