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Unions gather to support workers' rights



Hundreds of union workers and others met at the Utah State Capitol Saturday to support workers' rights and show solidarity with union workers in the midwest whose rights to collective bargaining are under siege.---

I took some photos and video (see below), but the most interesting moment I had was chatting with members of the Ironworkers Local 27 after the event finished (pictured). Hanging out on their parked Harley Davidson motorcycles (built by union workers in Wisconsin), they told me that at various times they've worked to construct a new Hilton hotel, keep Kennecott Utah Copper operating or build the Provo Convention Center. Despite multiple labor disputes regarding non-union labor at 222 S. Main St. office tower, these members of Local 27 were proud their labor built that tower of glass and steal.

They pointed me to this video, which shows their unique jobs as they built 222:

They told me that while their rights as union members are not currently targeted--it's public-employee unions in the midwest that are facing cuts in their rights--private-sector union workers worry that maybe their rights will be targeted next. 

I'd estimate about 500 people were at the event--but I hate crowd counting. Instead of taking my word for it, watch this video where probably about 95 percent of attendees are captured--you can count them if you want because I'm not going to.

Below that video are some photos I snapped at the rally.

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