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Concert Review: Starfucker


How do you turn the hipster-heavy Urban Lounge into a hip-swaying sauna? Starfucker. The electronic dance band, aided by opener Champagne Champagne, turned up the heat last night.---

You’d think that a hip-hop crew out of Seattle, a town prone to inward-gazing somewhat-depressed artists, might drop some cerebral hip-hop. Nope—they came out of the gate with crunky, sex-driven rhymes. The producer/DJ proved that what white people really like are tambourines; his banging seemed silly over the easy-to-digest breakbeats, but the humorous distraction was only slight. Possibly the most fun and chant-able band name that I can think of, Champagne Champagne asked the crowd to echo, “Champagne. Champagne” after every song. The band did their job to a tee of warming up the late-night audience for Starfucker.

It was late when the 5-piece from Portland, Oreg. took the stage—nearly 1 a.m. Once sound issues were taken care of, the electronic troupe, led by Joshua Hodges wasted no time in making the packed house groove and bust a sweat. They tore through their small repertoire, consisting of hits from the 2007 release Starfucker, like “German Love” and “Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second,” as well as their most recent 2011 release Reptilians.

Starfucker rarely disappoints, but sometimes the crowd does. So, here’s a couple PSAs.

Attention Ecstasy-induced zombies by the front of the stage: It’s not fun for anyone when you are getting tossed around like a jelly fish in the midst of a dance party because you are out of your gourd and can barely control yourself. Next time, go to the back of the house.

Attention elbow-jabbing spot-claimers: There’s no “my spot” on a dance floor, so quite bitching and jabbing people in the side. Relax. Smile. Dance. And get the hell off me.

And to everyone else, be you on drugs or without: That was a hell of a party, eh (my lungs are still coughing up your steam, which is gross).

Things got exponentially better once we moved to the outskirts of the crowd. For two reasons: I could move freely, which is awesome, and the first song of the encore was “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Starfucker kept the fun bus rolling for a four song encore that included bringing out the charismatic Champagne Champagne to help close the party down. The set ended one minute before 2 a.m. and the crowd was told, “Get the hell out. It’s Utah and the laws are messed up, but we’ll get a fine if you stay.” So, the party filtered to the street (and the zombies stumbled along the pavement to annoy some other people).