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Teen Wolf: The ‘Dark’ MTV Remake


On one hand, MTV deserves some credit for at least producing an original scripted series instead of cranking out more zero-denominator reality crap. On the other paw … it’s Teen Wolf, fergawdsakes! ---

On Sunday, June 5, right after the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, the channel that brought you pregnant teens and preening guidos debuts its Twilight-ized take on the ‘80s Michael J. Fox (and Jason Bateman in the sequel) comedy Teen Wolf. Actually, it looks and sounds like an equal-opportunity rip-off of Twilight and The CW’s Vampire Diaries, and maybe even a little of Syfy’s toothless Being Human clone.

But mostly, Teen Wolf just sounds fucking awful—so of course it’s going to be a huuuge hit for MTV. Not to go all “get off my lawn!” here, but MTV’s audience ain’t known for its thoughtful discernment these days. The next MTV reality hits will probably be 15 & Comatose and My Life as Snookie’s Vagina. At least, we can hope.

Please to enjoy these Teen Wolf trailers. If you can make it though any of ‘em without breaking into uncontrollable laughter (La crosse!?), you’re probably under 17 and/or the head of MTV programming (which could be one in the same, far as I know):

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