Lounge Act Tuesday: tUnE-yArDs is on top today | Buzz Blog
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Lounge Act Tuesday: tUnE-yArDs is on top today



Merrill Garbus' head full of hip-hop and reggae beats brings all the hipsters to the yard.---

To the tUnE-yArDs show, that is—that's the name Garbus uses to put out some of the most eclectic music you'll run across the past couple years. Her second album, whokill,  is an insanely creative sonic feast, but it's not for everybody. And whether or not she can pull off live what she does in the studio is a big question. Check her out at The Urban Lounge tonight to see if she's the real deal live, or just a studio savant.

Also Tuesday night, Scottish drone-rockers Mogwai headline at the Avalon Theater. Check out our interview with Mogwai right here, then grab some ear plugs on your way out the door to the 6:30 show; those dudes definitely turn it up to 11. Coheed and Cambria headline a gig at In The Venue tonight as well.

The Salt Lake Film Center is hosting a free screening of A Film Unfinished, a documentary about a Nazi propaganda film whose last reel was only found 70 years after it was made. It's sure to be both entrancing and disturbing, revealing the evil behind the Nazi war machine in a whole new way. The film screens at 7 p.m. at the Main Library.

And if you're a quiz-oriented drinker, join the City Weekly Street Team for a special Geeks Who Drink edition tonight at 8 p.m. at A Bar Named Sue. It's a fundraiser for Kelly Green, owner of Cakewalk bakery, which has been burglarized twice in recent months. Green is active in various charities around town, so this is a primo opportunity to give back with just a $5 suggested donation.