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Fallout: New Vegas expansion download set in Utah


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If you’re conflicted with a desire to enjoy Utah’s natural beauties this summer but also get some serious gaming in, fear not—a new Fallout expansion is set in Zion’s National Park.---

Bethesda software has announced that on May 17 it will begin releasing expansion games to its wildly popular Fallout series. Fallout: New Vegas, the 2010 release is the latest iteration of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic RPG series where players traverse the wastelands of America and drive the storyline of the game based on choices made: alliances with mutants, good/bad deeds done, and quests accomplished or failed.

This innovative non-linear game play is now charting a course through the Utah’s Zion’s National park as the setting for Honest Hearts, the first New Vegas expansion pack to be released on May 17. Players in this game lead a caravan through Zion’s park only to be caught up in a skirmish between marauding tribal bands, a “New Canaanite missionary and the mysterious Burned Man” according to Bethesda’s press release.

A fun post-apocalyptic romp complete with arches, missionaries and a burned man? What more could Utah gamers ask for?