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(Metal) Music Video Monday: The Peds' 'She's a Tease'


Knowing no better, The Pedestrians were the first local band I saw upon arriving in Salt Lake City in the '80s. Yes, with a thriving punk scene going on at the time, I happened on these hair-metal clowns. ---

This long-lost VHS video for "She's a Tease" has all the '80s metal-video cliches: Band rockin' in the middle of nowhere with stacks of gear plugged into nothing (on the Salt Flats, bonus cliche), random shirtlessness (fat drummers start shirtless; other members join as needed), rock 'hos in bikinis (locals "Salt" and "Pepper" as they were known at the time. Yes, really), muscle car (likely borrowed ... or stolen), not to mention comically-oversized props and a riff straight out of the Poison playbook. If Hulk Hogan or Sam Kinison had made an appearance, this would have been on MTV 24/7. Hell, it even has a prologue and a credits roll.

Please to enjoy The Pedestrians' "She's a Tease," and look for the Peds (3/4 original lineup!) at a biker bar near you, as they're still kinda at it (again: Yes, really). Not sure what became of the 'hos ...

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