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Car Drives Thru Bike Collective Front Door


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The Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective's mission is to ensure that there are less cars on the road. On Saturday afternoon that happened, but not by their efforts.---

A white station wagon plunged through the Collective's (2312 S. West Temple, 801-328-2453, front door totaling the vehicle and creating structural damage to the building. No one was injured. "It's a pretty unlikely situation. We're just glad that no one got hurt and no bicycles did either," says executive director Jonathon Morrison.

The vehicle driven by a 18-year-old male, with a female in the passenger's seat and a six-year-old in the backseat, sped down Haven Ave.—just north of the Collective—veered onto West Temple, hit the curb on the opposite side of the street, did a 180-degree turn and landed into the Collective's front door, narrowly missing a family that just left and a woman at the entryway, witnesses say.

"We do not have a drive thru!" writes Morrison as the Facebook caption for the photo above.

"We try to have some humor about it. The irony is just great," he says.


Facebook caption: "Amazingly the door to the shop was not broken, ironically a Huffy broke the door a year ago. Are Huffy's tougher than cars -- maybe..."

The Collective is currently closed as contractors and engineers assess the building and plan repairs. An opening date is yet to be determined. However, their work will not cease, as the maintenance area is still functional.

"We're trying to make some lemonade. We are taking the opportunity to refurbish our back-stock of bikes. We are still taking volunteers. We are starting to build bike racks with the city and could use help with those," says Morrison, adding, at this time, no help is needed on the remodeling of the building itself.


Facebook caption: "One less car!"