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Lounge Act Weekend: Rapture edition



With the world coming to an end Saturday afternoon, thanks to the impending Rapture, you'll want to be sure to make your last hours on this mortal coil worthwhile. That is, unless you're just going to hole up and try to repent for a life's worth of sins in a day. Since you're reading City Weekly, we'll assume that's not the case.---

Thankfully, whether you're a sinner or a saint, there's plenty to do between now and the End Times. To wit:

- It's Gallery Stroll Friday in downtown SLC, and there are stellar shows at galleries across town. You can find the City Weekly Street Team at the Hive Gallery in Trolley Square, celebrating the end of it all with the ArtDuh kids.

- The Living Traditions Festival kicks off Friday and runs through Sunday. But let's face it, most of us won't be around come Sunday. So be sure to wander to the City-County Building grounds Friday for Vieux Farka Touré, pictured, the Mali guitar wizard and son of Ali Farka Toure. Read our interview with Touré here, and I'm sure you'll want to go to the show.

- Musically speaking, lots of good shows to provide the soundtrack for getting your Rapture on. Man Man headlines In The Venue Friday, providing uplifting music to generally downbeat lyrics. Reggae cat Pato Banton plays Friday at The State Room, and getting irie your last 24 hours on Earth might be a nice way to go out. Local blues-rockers the Samuel Smith Band are hosting their CD release party Friday at Bar Deluxe. And The Greenhornes headline a show featuring their Kinks-y sound at The Urban Lounge Friday.

All those events take place on Friday, so you can certainly enjoy any of them before the Rapture arrives Saturday, reportedly around 5 or 6 p.m. But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that the religious zealots are wrong and we still have Saturday night to play with. Plenty of more options for ya.

- There's a contra dance hosted by the Wasatch Contras. Let's face it: if the Rapture were actually coming, God would make sure to have it hit before witnessing another contra dance.

- Saturday night, Jason Bonham brings his Led Zeppelin Experience to town. Given Jimmy Page's dalliances with the dark side, this might be a pretty good indication that the Rapture is real. God might not let Bonham rock out to "Kashmir" at The Depot one last time.

- The Repertory Dance Theatre celebrates its first 45 years in business with 45 Years, 45 Dances, Saturday all day at the Rose Wagner. So, even if the Rapture comes in the late afternoon, you can dig some dance virtually all day beforehand. There are worse ways to go.

- The Salt City Derby Girls are hosting their Derby Prom at The Complex Saturday night. If we somehow dodge Judgment Day,  this might be the place to find the best party in town.

- Strut Your Mutt is on Saturday. Chances are the dogs will still be here after the rest of us are a pile of ashes come Saturday night, so might as well get a good walk in with your pup.

- And if by some stroke of God's forgiveness (or something) we're all still here on Sunday, go check out the Guitar Wolf punk-rock mayhem at The Urban Lounge. The Japanese rockers know what it's like to have their country resemble hell on Earth, given recent events, so a ribald crowd of celebrating heathens should do wonders for their spirits.