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New Tunes Tuesday


Singer-songwriters rule the airwaves with today’s release, but they get a little boost by a pop goddess and a noisy Japanese trio.---

The ex-Sonic Youth singer/guitarist Thurston Moore offers up a something pretty on Demolished Thoughts. Read Dan Nailen’s review here, then go check out today’s best bet for yourself.

Joseph Arthur puts out his first full-length in five years with The Graduation Ceremony . And the singer-songwriter delivers his melodious spins on life that serves equally well as background music or for a hard listen to his slant.

Seattle-based David Bazan drops another dose of his indie rock goodness on Strange Negotiations. Check out opening track “Wolves at the Door” for an adequate peak at the gravely crooning beholden therein.

If you’re into noisy Japanese rock, then you’re in luck. Attention Please calls for just what it is titled, as the band melds styles that it’s touched on in previous efforts into one cohesive package. It also features frontwoman Wata’s enigmatic voice throughout. And on giving it a little attention, I was more pleased than expected.

And, of course, Lady Gaga’s Born This Way has to be mentioned today. When released the album yesterday at a discount, the demand was so high it actually stalled the companies servers, New York Times reported. Don’t worry, it can still be purchased at your local record store.

Art Brut drops Brilliant! Tragic! which I haven’t managed to listen to, but seems promising enough to mention.

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