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U2 Madness: The Scene From My Rooftop



Yes, the U2 concert is going on this very moment at Rice-Eccles Stadium, kitty-corner from our house. We can hear Bono's vocals and some wheedly-wheedly guitar harmonics which I'm sure are very inspiring for U2 fans, whom I've been yelling at all afternoon to get off my lawn!---

No, not really: These big stadium concerts are less disruptive of our normally placid U-district neighborhood than you might think. Of course, the neighbors let people park on their front lawn (at $25 a pop for this show!). And I had to go out and capture the cats, bringing them inside where they will be safe from all these rock-star types (you know how they are!). On the upside, there's a taco truck parked at the corner -- an amenity I wish could be a daily occurrence.

As proof of the good behavior of all these concert attendees, I shot some unbelievably lame amateur video from the roof of our house. Enjoy it at your own risk! It's pretty boring. Across the street is parked a stretch limo behind a smart car -- which seems somewhat ironic.

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