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Now-a-Dollar May 27



Your Memorial Day weekend new bargain movie options are somewhat limited: a horror movie that isn't scary, and a family film that is. ---

Director Wes Craven attempted to revive his hit 1990s Scream franchise with Scream 4, bringing back Courteney Cox, Neve Campbell and David Arquette for another round of Ghostface killings. Our contributor Eric D. Snider addressed the way it missed the point of the original, satirical Scream: "Instead of being a comment on the genre, it’s simply an entry in it, and not a particularly good one."

If you're looking for something creepy, there's always Hop, in which the heir apparent to the role of Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) escapes into the real world to complicate the life of a guy with his own career issues (James Marsden). Marsden continues to be a charming screen presence given the opportunity, but the film turns frantic and silly without even bothering to create a mythology that's internally consistent. Oh, and apparently Easter Bunnies crap jelly beans. So thanks for ruining that holiday treat for us.