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Music Video Monday: D-O-double-G



Picking a Snoop Dogg video for today’s Music Video Monday seemed like an obvious choice. I’ve been going through a Snoop Dogg phase recently, plus old-school-ish rap fits perfectly with summer. --- Then there was that dream I had about Snoop Dogg last night …

Ahem. Anyway, there’s a downside to doing a D-O-double-G MVM as so many of Snoop Dogg’s videos are the same: Snoop riding around in a car/on a bicycle, big crowds of people partying, women wearing bikinis, lowriders slowly bouncing down a street. “Gin and Juice” tries to have something like a plot, but it’s still mostly the same. (Gin and juice is one of my favorite drinks in summertime or anytime, by the way, but it usually makes bartenders look at me funny so I’ve started drinking at home.)

“The Next Episode” is probably my favorite Snoop song, but the video takes place at a strip club so there’s not much to say except, “Hey, there’s some ass!” and “Holy shit, check out Snoop’s hair, he looks like Shirley Temple!” and “Hey, there are some boobs!” and “Hey, there’s Nate Dogg!”

I thought about going with “Kush,” which is actually a Dr. Dre song but features Snoop Dogg (I kind of like Snoop best when he’s hanging out with Dr. Dre—they’re like chocolate and peanut butter; good on their own but best together). Again, it follows the same general gangsta rap video format (lots of people at a club, sexy ladies) but cements itself firmly in the present via prominent use of Akon, special effects (they’re on an airplane suspended over the city!) and nicer cars, which I’m assuming are pretty expensive because Dre just zooms around on an empty street in one and doesn’t do any bouncing.

So, in the end, here’s “Boom,” which has no Dr. Dre but does have T-Pain and a high concept involving the fall of American civilization, which has resulted in all dance clubs and hoochies having to move underground.

Items of note:

Oh my gosh, T-Pain is a REALLY bad dancer (2:37 and onward). Those are pretty much the same dance moves that I made up for this song, and ever since a group elementary school talent-show performance of “Spice Up Your Life” (where I was Posh Spice because she had the fewest dance moves), I subscribe firmly to the “dance only when no one is watching” school of thought. I’m glad T-Pain does not.

Yep, that’s my only item of note.

Oh, and what the hell, here’s “Gin and Juice” too.

Oh and Snoop making brownies with Martha Stewart. This video makes me love each of them even more.