The Lion King: Isn't it about...time? | Buzz Blog
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The Lion King: Isn't it about...time?



Disney, in partnership with, has released a cute PSA about how to be a good dad—just in time for Father’s Day!—but for anyone who has seen the The Lion King, the subtext is clear,--- and chilling: spend time with your kids, even if they’re bratty and wake you up at dawn by biting your ears, because you could be trampled by wildebeests AT ANY TIME.

Actually, the REAL subject of this PSA is, "Hey, remember The Lion King and how much you loved it, and how it hasn't been available on DVD since 2004 (and even then it wasn't the original theatrical version)? We're finally releasing it on quadruple-pack DVD soon, AND putting it back in theaters in 3-D, so this year for Father's Day, ask your kids for all the money in their piggybanks and take out another mortgage on the house so you can buy it!"

Damn you, Disney.