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Fruit for All


The Fallen Fruit of Utah exhibition—at the Salt Lake Art Center—has just unveiled their free fruit maps of the Marmalade and 9th & 9th neighborhoods.---

Now one and all can get to know their community through its fruit. The maps are shown below, and higher quality versions may be downloaded here. The ideology behind this project is to create community spaces, not for freegans to collect the public space’s bounty. The artists hope for people to become more observant of their ecological and cultural landscape by interacting with trees in public spaces and with one another.

In an e-mail that artist David Burns wrote to SLAC, he stated, “These maps only mark trees that are in, on, or hanging over, public space. They are not on private property. Also, note that we do not use physical addresses to mark the locations; this is more about learning a place through the experience of walking and thinking about public space/public resources and perhaps sampling some public fruit. We do not intend this to become a 'shopping list for free fruit' nor do we support trespassing or stealing.”

Beyond these maps, the exhibition is a study of fruit in culture and in art and how it pertains to Utah. The Fallen Fruit Collective—artists David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young—has finished exhibitions in multiple countries around the world. They display open submissions side by side with fine art, borrowed from various permanent collections. They also collect “Fruit Stories” from gallery-goers, in addition to these maps.

The exhibit will be on display through Sept. 17. For more information, listen to this podcast with the artists, read our previous Weekend Essential write-up or visit the art center’s website

9th & 9th neighborhood fruit map


Marmalade neighborhood fruit map