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Lounge Act Thursday: Reggae, Electro and Live True TV



Let's close out June in style, mmmkay? Lots to do out there in between thunderstorms.---

At the Gallivan Center Thursday night, it's a funky reggae party courtesy of two of Bob's boys. Julian (pictured) and Kymani Marley are the two headliners of the Roots in the City show, and it should be a damn good time no matter how rainy it gets. Just keep those joints protected from the elements all you amateur Rastafari.

Some tunes of a different stripe takes over Bar Deluxe tonight, with electronic-based dance acts LexiconDon, Muscle Hawk and The Saintanne doing their thing starting at 9 p.m.

If you happen to be up Ogden way, the wildly creative acoustic group Matt Flinner Trio is playing at the Ogden Nature Center. Flinner is a ridiculous mandolin player with roots in Utah, and the environment couldn't be better for a great show among the critters of Northern Utah.

If you missed the season premieres of Wilfred and Louie hosted by our own Bill Frost last week at Brewvies, consider yourself lucky. He'll be at Brewvies again tonight for round 2, starting at 11 p.m. Louis C.K. is obviously a comic genius, while Wilfred's got potential for sure. It's free, so be there.

The jock-inclined will note the arrival of an AAU basketball tourney, the Big Mountain Jam, at the South Towne Expo Center. Why would you want to go watch a bunch of middle-school and high school kids play hoops in the dead of summer? Because that's where the next Dwight Howards, Dwayne Wades and Kevin Garnetts can be found. Check 'em out now and you'll be able to later say, "Man, I remember that kid never could go to his left!"