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Lounge Act Monday: Two out of three, for free


Cellos and kazoos and accordions: Oh, my.---

The kazoo-playing duo out of Minnesota, Bella Ruse lands at Piper Down tonight for a free show. To learn how they procure veggie oil from Chinese restaurants for their tour bus and why the kazoo rules, read this interview with frontwoman Kay Gillette. The show starts at 8:30 p.m.

If you’ve ever wondered what is more exciting, a woman playing the kazoo or two women playing accordions, tonight is the night to find out. Just north, up State Street, Accordion Babes play at Burt’s. The duo of Renee De La Prade and Amber Lee Baker play a sweet, albeit rough-around-the-edges, buskar-esque style of tunes worth checking out. To top it off, they call themselves the sexy sirens of the squeezebox--’nuff said.

For something outdoorsy and more symphonic, dig on the Utah Symphony as they perform patriotic songs and other crowd-pleasing compositions to kick off this year’s WorldStage! outdoor concert series at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center.