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Local Releases: Return & Departure


Today we've got two releases to talk about, one re-release and one with unfortunate results behind it. --- We might as well get to the bad news first. Merit Badge, one of the fastest rising duos we had here in SLC... have broken up. Not much is being spoken of by the two members other than it was “peaceful.” The breakup comes at an awkward moment in their history as they were about to release their debut album this week with a release show at The Woodshed tonight. As you might have guessed those plans are scraped, however their Facebook page has made mention of the album being released in the near future. We'll keep you posted on the details when it finally arrives. For those of you who were planning on going to that show, it appears your Friday is free, so let's direct you to the other album release planned for the evening... The Future Of The Ghost. Nope, that's not a repeat from March, even though it kinda is. Let's explain. The original release of A Blessing For Your Heart took place back in March with a limited release, eventually finding its way online in May. Now the band is making a formal release for the album with brand new artwork. Aside the snazzy look, nothing changed from their initial release, so if you're lucky enough to have a copy of the original... consider that a collector's edition. You can catch them at one of two shows tomorrow night, the first at Kilby Court with The Devil Whale and Spell Talk for $6 starting at 7PM, and then catch the same show for the 21 and over crowd at The Urban Lounge starting at 10PM. Head out, love music, buy local!