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New Tunes Tuesday


This week's releases boast one of the most anticipated releases of 2011, along with a few surprises.---

I think Little Dragon could make an Hanson tribute album (or similarly ungodly creation) and it would be highly anticipated and critically acclaimed. Thankfully, they haven’t gone down that road, and have stayed true to the multi-layered Swedish soul that caught the attention of Gorillaz and critics worldwide. Ritual Union is a spunky effort that is danceable and melodious, an electro-pop exclamation point that will surely find its way onto year-end best of lists. Listen to the title track below.

Rogue Wave frontman Zach Rogue's new side-project showcases of his poppy inclinations that have, at times, ‘60s folk leanings. Filled with light melodies and catchy hooks, Release the Sunbird’s debut Come Back to Us is a great chance to hear Rogue dipping his toes in new water.

I may have left Tennessee years ago, but there’s a point of pride for me when a band from the Volunteer State makes an exceptionally good record. Dig on Wilderness, The Features' latest effort, which has some buttery guitar licks on top of chicken-fried psychadelia.

A big pop band from Seattle, Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground drop their sophomore album Introducing... today, which rounds out today’s releases. Kay Kay has a big sound that is as infectious as the band’s classy aesthetic.