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Website offers road rage alternative



Bad drivers are everywhere. It just seems that Salt Lake City has more than its fair share. At least, that's what I keep telling myself every time I get cut off or witness another near-crash by some idiot on a cell phone.---

A new Website,, however, has come to the rescue of those who wish to vent on others' driving, without resorting to road rage. Instead, you post license plate numbers and comment on the abilities, or lack of, of fellow drivers.

It recently reached its 75,000th driver rating nationwide, with Salt Lake City already notching up 3,000 driver reviews.

According to founder Nick Boutelier, the Website is a "means for drivers to confront bad drivers without a physical altercation resulting in violence or praise drivers that make driving an enjoyable experience."

Having recently witnessed a large red truck pursue a smaller vehicle at high speed through congested, southbound traffic on Interstate 15, the driver of the former angrily waving his fist,, it might well be argued, does not appear a moment too soon.

The Website also has the option of downloading videos or photos of bad parking. Presumably, videoing someone else's bad driving while you are at the wheel might well end up with you being tagged by another upset motorist as you swerve across the lanes intent on getting the evidence.