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New Canyon Inn mural offers further controversy




Canyon Inn owner Jim Stojack has unveiled a new mural that promises to be just as controversial as his first foray into political commentary, which featured jabs at Cottonwood Heights Police Department and the LDS Church.---

The first mural, which appeared in March, was an apocalyptic vision of an LDS temple surrounded by flames, Catholic altar boys fleeing an unspecified threat, a barely clad woman climbing a mountainface and a police car with the license plate CRPT 1, which, Stojack told CW, was a reference to his concerns about how the local police department had dogged his customers and his bar. 


The mural prompted a petition protesting in particular the mountain climber. Stojack has since had the bare buttocks and cleavage of the woman discreetly covered.

The new mural is also aimed at local political and cultural issues. It features a group of men sitting at a board table with the words Deseret News AKA The Salt Lake Tribune emblazoned above them on the wall of a space ship. The man sitting at the center of the table resembles Cottonwood Heights Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore. Stojack has been at odds with Cullimore, and particularly the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, for several years, stemming from what he alleges are attempts by a local developer who owns land behind his bar to close him down.

A man praying on the left of the mural says, "The truth is out there." A mafia-esque police officer on the far right says, "See that it's given the 'correct' spin."