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Missed Masterpieces: Nirvana MTV Unplugged in New York


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This is one of the few perfect albums and it more or less had to be done in one take.---

Right before Kurt Cobain committed suicide, he was about the most talented motherfucker out there. I’m not kidding -- serious as a heart attack! Cobain was a big Meat Puppet fan, as am I. And to get a more acoustic sound, the band just backed off of their mics. Simple brilliance, I’m telling you!

I guess the point I’m really trying to make is that Cobain could have done anything he wanted in rock and roll, punk, folk -- it wouldn’t have mattered the genre, sub-genre, or sub-sub genre.

Maybe that level of genius almost made it impossible for his mind to survive in this cruel, twisted world. There are shit-lots of posers, especially in the areas of creativity. When you find someone real, they seem to be treading for their very lives. And that cliché of the circle where genius and insanity sit right at the top seems to be reinforced the older I get. I’m not a genius (thank you, God), so I’m able to stupidly sit back and appreciate those who are.

Cobain was a genius. Dave Grohl (Nirvana’s drummer; now Foo Fighters frontman), on the other hand, is just extremely talented, meaning he might just have a chance in life. Together, and apart, they put together some mighty fine music. Grohl will continue to do so for some time, I imagine. Together, they were just an extremely bright flash-in-the-pan. But what a flash it turned out to be.

Nirvana will be talked about for a long time.