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Now-a-Dollar Sept. 23



This week at the bargain theaters, it's Joseph Smith going up against the latest reminder that you can't cheat death. ---

LDS filmmaker Christian Vuissa (Baptists at Our Barbecue) brings us Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold, telling the story of the early adult years of the prophet (Dustin Harding, pictured) up to the publication of The Book of Mormon. The distributor chose not to screen the film for local media, because what can we lamestream liberals have to say about the Restoration of the Gospel?

We also apparently wouldn't have anything to say about Final Destination 5, another 3D continuation of the series in which Death employs the kind of Rube Goldbergian methods of harvesting previously-escaped souls that would make Saw's Jigsaw think, "Simplify, bro, simplify." Our Eric D. Snider at least appreciated this installment's "morbid mirthfulness," adding that "several of the elaborate death sequences are nerve-janglingly effective ... but nearly everything in between is mechanical and tedious."