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Concert review & photo gallery: Erasure at Kingsbury Hall



One of City Weekly's regular photograph contributors Niki Chan checked out the Erasure show Wednesday and took some photos of the synth-pop duo. Here's her report and shots from the show.---

Erasure evokes a nostalgia for the good ol' days when I cruised around with my friend Jamie and listened to Abba-esque on cassette tape with not a care in the world.

This nostalgia was collectively felt last night at Kingsbury Hall as '80's synth-pop duo Erasure brought a mix of old classics and new songs from their latest album, Tomorrow's World. Andy Bell, Erasure frontman, first appeared to the excited crowd wearing a Trojan helmet and dancing on an English-cathedral-vibed stage that included plenty of gargoyles, as tomorrow's world surely will. Bell sang to the accompanying laptop tunes of Vince Clarke, who generated the poppy melodies from behind a giant gargoyle, making this the most mysterious and Zuul-esque concert I have ever attended.

Erasure warmed up the already simmering crowd with a handful of new songs before diving into classic hits such as "Hideaway," "Sometimes," "Ship of Fools," "Victim of Love," "Love to Hate You," and "A Little Respect" (and yes, Bell can still hit all those high notes in this song perfectly). An encore included "Oh L'amour" and "Stop!"

Somehow, somewhere, between all of this, Clarke emerged from behind the gargoyle with a pair of scissors and cut through the laced-up ties of Bell's vest. Shirtless and full of new freedom, Bell put on a Michael Jackson memorial shirt with cutoff sleeves and a giant mug of M.J. wearing purple, glittering sunglasses. Wow, breathless!

Amongst all of this bedazzlement, the highlight of this show was definitely when Bell took to dancing, with his unique and truly amazing style. His movements were fluid and full of bouncy wiggles, which oddly translated into some damned good dancing. Towards the end, he even busted out a move I call the "fluttering angel" and his own version of a robot dance.

One thing's for sure, if he ever put out a workout video with his dance moves, it would be on my shelf immediately.

Here's a slideshow of images from the show: