Where the hell did I put my pink sequined jumpsuit? | Buzz Blog
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Where the hell did I put my pink sequined jumpsuit?



The Support Love Courage Council -- the people putting together Tuesday's pinkdot Utah event for people who wish to support their LGBT friends and loved ones -- may be the most well-organized folks on the planet. ---

According to the published schedule, they've got it timed in five-minute intervals (e.g., 5:50 p.m.: Performance by Lady Murasaki; 5:55 p.m.: Ambassador Eric Alva; 6 p.m.: Hope Woodside & Kurt Bestor, celebrity ambassadors; etc.)

If I could find my hat, it would be off to the organizers. I can only imagine that, were I in charge of such a complicated gala event, I'd be hard-pressed to wrangle such masses of local celebs and gay supporters down to the minute like that. It'd be more like, "Okey-dokey, then, and Hope & Kurt, if you could show up sometime before sunset, that'd be great, m-kay? Oh, and if we could cue the photographer before it really gets dark, that would be terrific, guys." I'd be lucky if the camera could detect more than an indistinct, grayish smudge.

In fact, it's all I can do to figure out what to wear for the big aerial photo; we're supposed to show up in pink, but has anybody owned a pink shirt since the 1980s? I remember one pink tank top that I thought looked good with my white Levis back in those days, but danged if I know whatever happened to it. Maybe I can bleach my red U of U T-shirt, but then what would I wear during the annual Utes-versus-Cougars grudge match?

These things are so complicated for the fashion-challenged.