City Creek: Can You Hold It Till March 22? | Buzz Blog
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City Creek: Can You Hold It Till March 22?



Amid all the hoopla of the recent sneak peek of the mall on steroids known as City Creek, the prospect of clean public bathrooms might be the best news of all. --- Since downtown public loos are as rare as a cold beer in a Mormon missionary's fridge, the bright and squeaky-clean latrines of City Creek will be sweet relief for hapless pedestrians who hear nature's call.

For years, we've been cursing those who see fit to use the back alleys, Trax stops and doorways near our offices on Main Street as de facto urinals, but, really, what are their choices? They either need to order a meal at a restaurant or beg shopkeepers' indulgences to use their private restrooms. So much for the "world is welcome" here.

When it opens March 22, the LDS Church's billion-plus-dollar investment in the 80-store, nine-eatery mall will buy two 18-foot waterfalls, three "Bellagio-esque" fountains, a trout pond and a meandering stream. For sufferers of "shy bladder," the nonstop trickling may represent a cure. Just let there be a restroom nearby, please. And a clean one, FTW!

There's even a loo for the differently abled:

Slideshow of the Oct. 26 media hard-hat tour (photos by Jerre Wroble):