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Utah Pride Center Offers Concealed Carry Class



In the wake of a series of traumatic attacks alleged to be hate crimes on gay Utahns, the Utah Pride Center is for the first time offering a concealed-carry weapons-permit class.--- For concealed-carry instructor and U.S. Army veteran Scott Mogilefsky, the three hate-crime type attacks that hit Utah gay men in late August and early September were shocking -- especially the attack against Dane Hall, who says he was attacked by four men outside a Salt Lake City club. One of the assailants placed Hall’s open mouth on a sidewalk edge and “curb stomped” him, by kicking the back of his head. The injury nearly killed Hall.

“I have gay friends and family members, and God forbid something like that happen to them,” Mogilefsky says, adding that if a concealed-carry holder would have been nearby, the attack would never have happened. That’s why Mogilefsky is offering a concealed-carry class at the Utah Pride Center that will offer participants all the necessary knowledge for the Utah license. Participants will learn the basics of gun safety, Utah gun law, as well as the use of lethal and non-lethal force, going into how to use other self-defense items like pepper spray and Tasers.

“You give somebody 50,000 volts and that gives you 30 seconds to run away—that’s perfect,” Mogilefsky says.

But the focus obviously is safe and effective use of a concealed firearm. “Hopefully, nobody ever has to pull the gun out,” Mogilefsky says “But at least they have the tools to protect themselves or somebody else.”

The first class will be offered a the Pride Center, 361 N. 300 West on Saturday, Dec. 3 from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. and costs $40 per person. For more information visit Mogilefsky’s website or e-mail him at scott@UtahCCWTraining.com