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Interview: Lukas Nelson & Promise Of The Real


Wielding an arsenal of new and old songs, honed by years of practice on the road, Lukas Nelson (son of Willie) sounded excited and confident in this interview with City Weekly---

City Weekly: How long have you and Promise of the Real been on the road, and how long do you expect this tour to continue?

Lukas Nelson: For about three and a half years now, and hopefully, the road will continue forever. It’s been kind of like a never-ending tour. We are off for a week here, off for a week there, but we just keep on going and take every gig we can get, because we love to play.

CW: You have been touring for so long . Has this continuous performing and traveling influenced your sound?

LN: I think just playing a lot with the same musicians is a big help.

CW: How much has performing with great musicians like your father, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings influenced your own music?

LN: You kind of absorb everything that you’re around. I listen to all different sorts of music, though. I love the Fugees and The Roots and Nirvana. I love Hendrix, Zeppelin, Thelonius Monk and Miles Davis.

CW: Have you written and performed any new material since recording Promise of the Real last year?

LN: Oh yeah, we have a whole new album that’s already recorded. It will probably come out early next year. We’ve been performing those [songs] at our recent shows. Are we playing The State Room out there? It is a great, great time at The State Room. It’s one of my favorite crowds I have ever played.

CW: Throughout the album, the songs vary from displaying a country feel to more jam/blues-rock-sounding pieces. How was being able to be flexible with your music important to you on this album?

LN: It’s really important. I don’t like to be boxed in. We’ve never had a problem with anyone telling us ‘you have to play this kind of music.’ Everybody has always been pretty open with what I have to offer, which is a blessing, I guess.

CW: Can you describe where you got the idea for the title “Promise of the Real?”

LN: I got the idea from the Neil Young song “Walk On,” actually. I figure, we’re going to promise to be real no matter what with playing music -- staying true to what you want your music to sound like. Which is partly why we have never been part of a record label before, I think.

CW: The guitar soloing is a distinct component of your songs. What do you try to add to a song with a solo?

LN: Well, I like to quote T-Bone Brunette when I say it’s more about the song than the solo. I try to make it fit the song. Rather than, for lack of a better phrase, [musically] jacking off. It’s about making every note worth something. The more I play, the more I understand that in music, less is more.

CW: What directions do you hope you and this band might take in the future?

LN: Well, we’ve got the album coming out, and we’re going to be on tour for a while. We’re going to keep touring, and we hope people keep updated with our Facebook page and our Website. We have to promote ourselves because we don’t have a label, so it’s hard for our fans to know where we will be playing. We rely on our fans a lot to keep us going. We’re really grateful for them.

The State Room

638 S. State
Sunday, Dec. 4, 8 p.m.