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TV Tonight: Community, DUI, Weed Wars



What’s new tonight:

Community (NBC) Yes, It’s Still On: When Annie accidentally breaks Abed’s limited-edition Dark Knight DVD and pins it on an imaginary burglar, Abed goes into full-loon investigational mode—I know, who saw that coming? ---Meanwhile, Jeff and Shirley team up to take down some Foosball goons. And NBC might cancel this? Wha?

DUI (TLC) Series Debut: It’s like Cops, but just about the drunk drivers. Admit it—you’re so gonna watch this.

Weed Wars (Discovery) Series Debut: Over on TLC sister network Discovery, Weed Wars (not to be confused with Weeds or Whisker Wars) goes behind the scenes at medicinal marijuana shops—it’s like Pawn Stars, but with fewer Civil War coins some stoner found in the basement. Welcome to the world of Learning and Discovery, kids!

Also new tonight:
Parks & Recreation, The Office, Whitney, Prime Suspect (NBC); The X Factor, Bones (Fox); Project Accessory (Lifetime); It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, The League (FX); Beavis & Butt-head, Good Vibes (MTV); Burn Notice (USA); Cathouse: Frisky Business (HBO); Gigolos, Dave’s Old Porn (Showtime)

Weed Wars even has a theme song by Snoop Dogg, yo!

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