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Today's entry isn't the usual from Gavin's Underground, and I must apologize for what you are about to (not) read. --- The interview I had planned was to be with Sonya Evans, the flexible and crafty designer behind The Full Spectrum. For those of you who aren't familiar, TFS is a home-based screen-printing business that's created some unique, curiously strange and quaint designs on everything from onesies to blouses to hoodies. As per any craft-related post, we were going to talk about her business in detail and get her perspective on local arts and crafts.


Unfortunately, my long-running streak of getting my interviews done and posted on-time has come to an end -- like a warehouse chalkboard reading "Days Without An Accident" and the foreman walking by to erase the number because someone dropped a box on a co-worker. The last time this took place (to the best of my knowledge) was with Dusty of Club Vegas back in April of 2010. Essentially, Evans agreed to an interview that we would be doing via e-mail since her business is primarily in Clinton, Utah. After she agreed to do it, I never heard back from her. It could be the holidays, it could be cold feet, it could simply be that she didn't check her e-mail for three straight weeks -- who knows? Usually when an interview falls through, I do my best to replace said interview with something else and continue to try to make it happen, or just rearrange things as they come. However, this particular scenario has happened to me and this blog one too many times during 2011 (a rant onto itself that I cannot and will not post here). At the time of writing this entry, I'm in no position to replace it with anything. Should Mrs. Evans decide to get back in contact with me and complete the interview, then this is where it will appear and we'll point you to it.


So, I'm sorry. There will be a regular post Saturday, and interviews the following Monday and every other day, like normal -- hopefully, without any more individuals dropping out.

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