Sara Zarr on 5 years after Story of a Girl | Buzz Blog
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Sara Zarr on 5 years after Story of a Girl



Wondering what it's like for a novelist in those tumultuous days, months and years before finally getting published? Sara Zarr shares the experience. ---

Utah-based novelist Zarr is celebrating the five-year anniversary of her debut young-adult novel Story of a Girl -- which was nominated for a National Book Award -- with a week of reflections on her blog about the experience. In a charming and self-deprecating voice, Zarr has flashed back so far on the years 2001-2004 and their series of disappointments, and on the process of landing a new agent and signing her first contract. Along the way, she talks about the evolution of Story of a Girl itself: how its main character, Deanna, came from a supporting character in an earlier, unpublished book; changes to the character of Deanna's father; the supportive role of her writers' group. It's an insightful look into the not-at-all-glamorous world of trying to turn a passion into a career.

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