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Glad You Asked: String Theory, Cusack & Dinos



Not sure what to do on a day like this? Well, you’re in the right spot. Glad You Asked is City Weekly’s daily, advice-dispensing, know-it-all events blog. It’s like Dear Abby, if she ever left her house and advised you to go somewhere other than counseling. We fear no level of boredom. Got a question about what to do today? Well, we're glad you asked...---

Dear GYA; Since today’s Leap Day, I’ve decided that I’m going to propose to my girlfriend. I figure this is pretty smart because we’ll only have to celebrate our anniversary every 4 years. I know, I know… I’m an effing genius! Do you have any suggestions for a decent date tonight? – Martin, Bowflex product tester, West Valley City

Martin, you are a genius. Your idea is revolutionary, and if you a have a newsletter I’d like to subscribe to it. As for your date tonight, I suggest sitting in on Brian Greene: The Nature of Things at Kingsbury Hall. He wrote the book Elegant Universe, and like you, he's ahead of his time. He probably won’t talk about leap years, but he will blow your date's mind to chunks with his ideas on String Theory.

After she’s all mesmerized with cosmic wonder, you should take your lady over to Do Dinosaurs Dream of Electric Sheep? It’s an art exhibit down at the Covey Center for the Arts (Provo) and it features renown artist Carolyn Nicita. She creates sculptures using math and chaos theory. I promise, after these two stops, your GF is bound to think your marriage material.

Or if you don’t want to drive all the way to Provo, you could cruise over to Brewvies for the free screening of High Fidelity. It’s one of 50 John Cusack movies where he plays a neurotic basket case who’s obsessed with his ex. It’s sort of a romantic comedy that dudes can tolerate while drinking beer.

Other worthwhile happenings:

-Funk house DJs, Boombox performing at The Complex.

-Jeremy Evans and the Utah Jazz are at home tonight to face off with the Houston Rockets.

-Acoustic folk master David Williams is performing over at Tin Angel Cafe.

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