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Glad You Asked: Yoga, Crafts and Dubstep



Dear GYA, I can’t believe it. Rush Limbaugh called me “round heeled” the other day. I’m not really sure what this means, but I’m sort of pissed off about it. Anyways, anything I can do today or tomorrow to blow off some steam? – Sarah, law student, Murray---

Sarah, I think this term was used back when people also said weird crap like “Get on the trolley,” and “Aw, raspberries!” It suggests that you’re easily tipped over … or that your foot is shaped like a hoof. Either way, it ain’t right! Seriously, my heart goes out to you.

As for blowing off steam,  check out the return of Craft Sabbath tomorrow at 1pm at the downtown Main Library. There will be tons of locally made art, jewelry, clothes and of course, knick knacks. Rush would probably say something sexist right here about women and shopping. What a turd. However, this evening you should head over to Bikram’s Yoga College of India in Sandy. They’re offering a cash-donation class today at 6:30pm and all the proceeds go to the Utah Avalanche Center. After an hour of Bikram you’ll feel pretty good. Plus, you’ll be sweatier than Rush in a drag pageant (Sorry for that mental image). 

Lastly, you should go get your dance on over at the Great Saltair for the Bassnectar show at 8 p.m. He’s a DJ/producer at the forefront of the dubstep movement. If you’re unfamiliar with dubstep, imagine the perfect soundtrack to a scene where Rush Limbaugh turns into a giant Godzilla character and stomps around crushing everything in his path. Lots o’ bass and carnage.

Other happenings today that Limbaugh would probably hate:

- '80s metal musical plays at Rock of Ages at Kingsbury Hall

- Zorro: The Musical slashes its way into the Hale Centre Theatre

- Karaoke Chaos is at Cheers to You

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