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TV Tonight: Grimm, A Gifted Man


New on the tube tonight:

Grimm (NBC) Tonight, the best new(ish) drama on NBC finally lets slip a little more backstory on Nick and his Grimm family history, and probably name-drops some more Portland hangouts ---(yes, there’s more than Voodoo Doughnut—I checked on Yelp). Also, there’s a crime involving rare coins that was more than likely perpetrated by fairy-tale monsters, because Nick never gets a straight human case anymore. The cop beat must have been so dull before he got a TV show …

A Gifted Man (CBS) Season/Series Finale: You’ve never watched this medical drama about a good-looking doctor (Patrick Wilson) who talks to his dead wife while remaining mostly oblivious to the hot fellow doc (Twilight’s Rachel LeFevre) right in front of him. Don’t start now; it’s not coming back after tonight. You’re welcome.

Also new tonight:
Shark Tank (ABC); Undercover Boss, Blue Bloods (CBS); Who Do You Think You Are? (NBC); Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Cartoon Network); America’s Most Wanted (Lifetime); Merlin (Syfy); Portlandia (IFC); Real Time With Bill Maher (HBO)

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