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Glad You Asked: Rappers, Quizzes & Yoga



Dear GYA,

I had a bad day yesterday. I woke up to the dog barking, it was foggy out and my momma put hog in my breakfast. To make matters worse, the Lakers lost to the SuperSonics. Anyways, I’m fittin’ to have a good-ass day today. Any suggestions? - Ice Cube---

Cube, not every day can be a good day. However, today’s looking pretty sweet. Here are a few things going down that won’t require you to use your AK:

Perhaps the first thing you should do is check out Happy and Laughter Yoga at KafeNeio Coffee. It's screening an award-winning film about being happy and enlightened. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Laughter Yoga. I believe it has something to do with laughing out loud while stretching. I'm sure you’ll love it.

Then this evening, head over to The Republican for Pub Quiz night at 9:30 pm. With tons of prizes and cheap drinks, I highly recommend getting there early because this local favorite fills up quick.

But if that’s not your thing, then go see fellow rapper and L.A native, Busdriver at Urban Lounge. He’s known for his quick lyrics and experimental hip-hop production. He's an underground legend and tickets are only $10 bucks in advance. Who knows? You may get inspired.

Other happenings that will guarantee a good day:

-Don Carlos, a former member of reggae group Back Uhuru, live at Bar Deluxe.

- The tale of a cleaning lady named Cinderella with an oddly shaped foot at the Heritage Theatre.

- Travel guru and author Rick Steves will be giving a lecture and signing books at the downtown Main Library.

For more ideas on how to seize the day, click here for the complete listings.

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