Lottery Jumps to $640 million: Road Trip! | Buzz Blog
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Lottery Jumps to $640 million: Road Trip!



The Mega Millions jackpot was raised to $640,000,000 today—but the cutoff to buy a ticket is 7:55 p.m., meaning you'd better start working up some phlegm so you can get out of the office to make the one hour, 44-minute drive to Malad City, the Idaho town closest to SLC. ---

The drawing will take place at 9 p.m., and the Idaho Lottery wants you to play responsibly--whatever that means. Whatever you do, don't offer to split your winnings with the cute waitress! It'll ruin your marriage and your movie career.

And with this being General Conference weekend, there's no better time to get out of Salt Lake City. Malad City has several fine shops and restaurants and at least one bar, and Lava Hot Springs is just 45 minutes farther north.

For your road-tripping needs: Madonna, Iron Maiden, Katy Perry, Macy Gray and Clay Aiken all have new albums out. King- and theater-size candy is currently 2/$3 at Maverik, and 7-Eleven recently unveiled something called Bacon & Cheese Potato Stix. You're welcome.