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Ryan Gosling: True Canadian Hero



Is there anything dreamy and heroic that Ryan Gosling won't do? First he broke up a NYC street fight; now he's saving British journalists from stepping into the path of speeding taxis.---

It should be noted that this story was e-mailed to me three times before 10 a.m. today. What does that say about me? I think what says more about me is that I was actually on top of the story last night, thanks to the ever-helpful Jessica at Go Fug Yourself (follow the Fug Girls if you love television, fashion, and good-natured mocking of celebrities).

I've had some time to sort through the various reports, and have decided that this is the most helpful, what with its exciting slideshow of tweets from the damsel in distress herself, British journalist Laurie Penny.

Penny, because she's British and her view was hindered by what I'm sure was a very fetching new pink wig, did not immediately recognize Gosling as her savior. Did I mention that her name is Laurie Penny? And that he saved her from a taxi?! And then she didn't recognize him as Dreamy Superstar Ryan Gosling? This had better be a charming romantic comedy (starring Gosling and Emma Stone in a pink wig) in 2013, or HEADS WILL ROLL.

If you're scratching your head over why Ryan Gosling is such a big deal, well, here you go.