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Concert Review: Band of Skulls at The Complex


They were on repeat when I drove to Coachella in 2010 and I saw them perform for maybe thousands of people in the California desert. So I felt like I was seeing a totally different band when they performed at The Complex on April 7 ---for a much, much smaller crowd.

Band of Skulls, a band from Southampton, England, have been touring and promoting their new album Sweet Sour. It was a short show, but one can’t expect so many hours of music with only two albums recorded. With the time they did have, however, it was nonstop. With small breaks that consisted of “let’s keep going” from singer Russell Marsden, they would jump quickly from song to song.

Songs from their first album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, were more easily recognized (aside from when they opened their show with the single "Sweet Sour") and by the end of the show, the crowd had loosened up. The set was consistent, alternating new songs and old songs. As they played, the songs got faster, louder, and became more of a rock-rock show than blues-rock.

Band of Skulls proves that big things come in small packages. The band is made up of three people, and the music that comes out of the speakers sounds like it has to be five. There is play between Marsden and the band’s bassist, Emma Richardson, which came rarely because of the distance between them on the stage. But when they did push and pull off each other, the music was exciting.

It’s unfortunate Band of Skulls played at a venue like The Complex. Since The Complex holds 4 venues in 1, the band had to compete with thumping bass noise coming from next door. When the singer of the band comments on it between songs, it ruins the environment, and it’s all I could think of for the rest of the night. The show overall had the feeling of a jam session, stuck in a warehouse with a rave next door.