Game of Thrones Trailer or Metal Video? | Buzz Blog
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Game of Thrones Trailer or Metal Video?


Sharp-eyed (and stoned) metalheads have probably noticed that HBO’s Game of Thrones occasionally resembles an awesome music video, but now it’s gone the other way. ---

Los Angeles metal band Huntress, replete with illegible logo, hairy thrashin’ dudes and a singer (Jill Janus) who looks like she just stepped off the side of an airbrushed van, must have seen an episode or 10 of Game of Thrones, judging by this hilari-serious video for “Eight of Swords.” So what if the record company couldn’t afford horses, Peter Dinklage or the rest of Janus’ winter outfit? At least it’s slightly easier to follow than GoT, and how can you not be impressed with a band that shreds in blindfolds?