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Liner Notes: Samuel Smith Band


The Samuel Smith Band sticks close to what they know on their first full-length album.---

Samuel Smith makes no pretense about the direction of his music: "We are just a little band of guys from Salt Lake City." But after playing tons of shows over the past two years, smattering their rock all over the valley -- "We have over 50 originals and three covers" --t he band will finally release its debut. The CD-release party will be Friday, May 4 at Bar Deluxe (666 S. State), and to help celebrate, Samuel Smith Band has invited a bunch of their friends:

The featured performers include: Erin Barra, Ransom Wydner (King Niko), Camden Chamberlin (Suicycles), Nick Romer (Scenic Byway), Nik G (Pour Horse), Jimmy Lauscher (Marinade), Mat Wennegren and Skyler Arbon (Shades of Gray), Josh West (Yak Tooth formerly Long Distance Operator), Brian Kubarycz, Cole Burgess, Josh Stevens and Mike Thomas (Feel Good Patrol), and a few others. “This is not going to be a shit-show, thrown-together jam session,” Smith says. “We are highly organized and the party is going to be a showcase of some of the best talent in SLC.”


Samuel Smith Band in action.

Smith shares some thoughts about the debut full-length:

“The overall theme is booze and women. We thought we would stick to what we know best. The songs were written collectively with the idea of keeping everything as simple as possible. The record speaks for itself, mostly narrative in nature and needing no explanation. In fact, it is better without. To elaborate on such simple ideas would be to hold any reader or listener in a form of contempt -- that is, we would have to assume the audience incapable of interpretation. Nobody wants to think that way. The album is untitled.”


“The record is a direct reflection of our lives and our pocketbooks. We are very pleased with the product. Days or hours on end in the studio is something we have never experienced. This album was accomplished in a few hours of fast-tracking and stress. It would be grimier, shinier and reflective of exactly what we want it to sound like had we money or patronage. The art was donated by Brian Kubarycz, a lecturer and professor in the honor’s fine arts program at the U. The engineering was everything but donated by Terrance Halterman. Terrance treated us fairly, forgetting to charge us for a few hours. “

”Picture of You”

“Time in a proper recording studio is something four full-time SLC musicians simply can’t afford. Again, we are very pleased with what we accomplished without aforementioned necessities. We plan to release another album within the year.”


Potential fodder for a Samuel Smith song.