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New Tunes Tuesday: Do the Robot


This week beholds one release that’s worth doing the robot over -- literally … watch the video---and some others that are just kinda sorta “meh.”---

Must Have:
Luke Temple’s once-basement project, Here We Go Magic, has evolved to become a fully matured band that mixes analog and digital in a sonic stew that has even caught the ears of an industry giant. Nigel Godrich, Radiohead’s esteemed producer -- the band’s “sixth member” - -lent his craftsmanship to A Different Ship, and the outcome is a sheer pleasure to listen to.

Here We Go Magic’s “How Do I Know” -- directed by Sean Pecknold

Inaccessible Opera:
Sure, Damon Albarn -- the man behind Blur, Gorillaz, and more side projects than you can shake a fishstick at -- can do just about whatever he wants after achieving the status that he has. And now, he’s gone all operatic with Dr. Dee. Albarn created an original opera with director Rufus Norris, inspired by Alan Moore, and this is a new offshoot. Good luck getting into this one, but if you do, it should be rewarding.

Back to the basics:
On their last album, 2008’s Perfect Symmetry, Keane went kind of ‘80s glam, and it totally worked for them. Now, with Strangeland, they keep their fans guessing and deliver with a solid album that harks back to the roots of this English band: anthemic, yet accessible pop-rock.

”Silenced by the Night” -- the first single off of Strangeland

Short and sweet:
Punk supergroup Off!, led by vocalist Keith Morris (Black Flag and Circle Jerks), drops their first full-length, which is a full-length only in number of songs e.g., 16. They only account for under 16 minutes of searing, red-hot listening pleasure. That’s punk as fuck.

Honorable Mentions:
Sara Watikins’ Sun Midnight Sun, Silversun Pckups’ Neck of the Woods, Animal Kingdom’s The Looking Away and Dot Hacker’s Inhibition.

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