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12 for '12: Lady Murasaki


It’s hard not to notice Lady Murasaki, and that’s not just because of the gorgeous, six-foot-tall frontwoman, either.---

What was once the musings of Amber Taniuchi has become a full-on five-piece worth paying some mind to. The band seems to consume a steady diet of Nat King Cole, Adele, Norah Jones and Ella Fitzgerald, and they are just beginning to really hone in on their sound with constant gigging.

And after several months of delay, Lady Murasaki finally made it to the studio to track four songs for this self-titled debut EP. “Winter Solstice” starts things off with the glamorous frontwoman Taniuchi’s silky, bass-y vocals over a swinging rock-jazz bass riff and rhythm; and, occasionally, Taniuchi scat-sings a distorted croon, which offers more diversity on the EP’s best track. “Hope Is Still Around the Corner” dips into more poppy territory, while the floating, melodically rich “Naked Truth” stretches out past the five-minute mark. And the short-and-sweet EP ends with the chugging, nearly whiny, “Love Kidnapper.” These rock songs that relate an unrelenting pining for love were worth the wait.

Read an in-depth interview with the band over at Gavin’s Underground.

Catch Lady Murasaki at The Woodshed June 23, when they play a fundraiser for an anti-bullying campaign put together by the Human Rights Education Center of Utah.

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