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Now-a-Dollar June 1



What’s going on at dollar theaters this weekend? Oh, not much. Just the Academy Award winner for Best Picture. ---

The Artist makes its second-run debut this weekend, telling the story of a silent-film star (Best Actor winner Jean Dujardin) struggling to adapt to the advent of talkies. It’s a thoroughly charming comedy with a little romance and plenty of goofy delights—the kind of movie that’s hard not to like, even if it feels too much like Singin’ in the Rain to be truly revelatory.

A more surprisingly satisfying tale may be Safe, with Jason Statham in taciturn ass-kicker mode yet again, protecting a young girl with a very important number in her head. CW's MaryAnn Johanson wrote, “It feels like it’s just barely scratching the surface of a new world we haven’t quite seen before—one in which there’s no room for cheap or easy sentiment, bringing a complex, thorny humanity back to a genre that had forgotten it.”


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