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The Onion Rips Mormons Marching in Pride Parade



According to America's Finest News Source, Mormons just can't do anything right. But when there's a situation as ripe as a hundred or so LDS members marching in church clothes at the head of Sunday's Pride Parade, it only makes sense that The Onion would circle in for the kill.--- Members of the Mormons Building Bridges group will march in support of the LGBT community despite the traditional "No Homo" finger wags of the LDS organization.

If you thought the whole situation was a little confusing, so did The Onion, and in today's American Voices (a pseudo "man on the street" column) the satirical news source asked three fictional characters what they thought about the Mormons marching in Sunday's parade:

"Within the Mormon church, it's very progressive to recognize gay people's right to walk around in public." -Tasha McGee, systems analyst

"Before we get giddy, let's wait and see what they've written on their signs." -Bert Nichols, yard worker

"I think the church will probably move the Tabernacle while those 100 hundred or so are marching so they can't find it when the parade's over." -Eugene Rasulala, engravings polisher

Meh, not really the best we've seen from American Voices, but even so, getting jabbed by The Onion is an honor, I suppose. I guess we'll have to wait and see how Salt Lake City prospers from "The Onion bump."

Original source: The Onion, American Voices, June 1