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You Can Dance If You Want To


First Fridays in Provo are hopping -- literally. Along with the Rooftop Concert Series and gallery stroll, there will be the first-ever “Dance Walk” this evening.---

What is dance walking? I was hoping it would be something similar to this and, it turns out, it kind of is. Kaneischa Johnson ( ran across the video below, and fell in love with the idea.

Dance walking isn’t a fad; it’s here to stay.

Rather than do it alone, Johnson has partnered with Velour Live Music Gallery and Downtown Provo, Inc., to make it happen. “I spend a lot of time in downtown Provo, and the although the thought of dancing throughout it by myself seemed fun -- but weird --enough, the thought of sharing that with a few other people makes me giggle,” she says. “So, of course, it seems like a good idea to do this.”

And it turns out that the community thinks the same. “I really would be satisfied if 20 of my friends showed up -- but so far the most excited dance walkers are people I don't even know!” Johnson continues. “It has turned into an event we hope to repeat each First Friday during the summer.” For more information, visit

The Dance Walk begins promptly at 6 p.m. at the Utah County Historic Courthouse and will boogie and scoot on a scenic tour of downtown Provo, ending in time to grab a little grub before the Rooftop Concert Series at Provo Town Square Parking Garage. The concert will feature The Moth & The Flame and Desert Noises, and there is rumor that there will be 1,000-plus glowsticks handed to the crowd, and the famous TMTF giants will be on hand.

But before you jam out to live music, it’s probably best to brush up on your dance moves. If you’re interested in pre-choreographing something, Johnson shares a bit of the playlist: “The jams tonight range from classic Michael Jackson to Robyn's "Girlfriend" ... and unashamedly, there are some modern-pop hits I have an affection for. "Call Me Maybe" is secretly on the setlist.”

The secret’s out -- Johnson loves “Call Me Maybe.”

“And so far as moves go, I say the more hair movement, the better,” Johnson says. “You can't go wrong with that.”

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