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Utah Arts Festival 2012: Fear No Film "Planet Earth", "Two of Yo


The theme this year for the UAF Fear No Film Festival is "Tipping Points," those moments in which everything can change. For the film grouping entitled "The Planet Earth," these moments revolve around our part of the universe we call home. In the program The Two of You, seven films revolve around the idea of relationships. ---

The seven "Planet Earth" films varied in subject matter while still being connected to the planet in some way. Dr. Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game critiques the extinction of thousands of species and the endangering of millions of others. Taking place on an alien planet in a Steampunk future, the crew indiscriminately slaughter all the alien animals under the guise of "Kill or be killed." Other films focused on global environmental problems we are facing today. The short documentary From Dumpster to Dinner Plate examines the growing trend of "dumpster diving," where people retrieve perfectly good food that supermarkets have thrown away. Saving the Planet discusses the controversy surrounding global warming in a narrative where a son is turned against his father because of what he was taught in school.

Highlights from The Two of You include Buon Giorno Sayonara, in which two strangers are able to form a brief but rewarding relationship despite not speaking each other's language. In Couch Potatoes, a couple fights over the ownership of a couch after their relationship ends. Two documentaries examine some of life's more difficult subjects. In MIJO, a woman is able to express her experiences of being diagnosed with breast cancer while raising her young son through dance. Perfection deals with the lives of young women who struggle with eating disorders.

Come beat the heat in the only air-conditioned part of the UAF and learn to Fear No Film.