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City Creek, You've Been Punk'd!


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Over the weekend, many of us were closely following the news for updates regarding the recent wildfires, specifically the Rose Crest Fire. For those of you who tuned in to the Twitter hashtag #rosecrestfire, you may have been a victim of some serious Internet trolling from an unofficial City Creek account...---


The fake tweet, "Get away from #rosecrestfire and spend an evening shopping and dining at Salt Lake's finest!" was sent last Friday evening and has since been removed. But in that brief moment of troll glory, hundreds of Utahns lost it and tweeted all their pent-up City Creek-related outrage...


Obviously, the joke was tasteless, but damn it, Utah -- you walked right into that one. For those of you who really want to keep up with SLC fashion, then follow City Creek's actual Twitter account @CityCreekCenter.

And in case I get trolled, this my official Twitter account @WolfColin