Grill Politicos on Poverty Issues at Meet the Candidates BBQ | Buzz Blog
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Grill Politicos on Poverty Issues at Meet the Candidates BBQ



Wednesday enjoy a free barbecue and a chance to meet local candidates for office to talk about their stands on poverty issues from low-income housing to expanding Medicaid.---

It’s time to join the good folks of the Crossroads-Urban Center and the Utah Poverty Partnership as they grill some grub and would-be politicos on what they plan to do to address the poverty and economic insecurity of Utah’s homeless and low-income populations. The organizers are especially interested this year to hear from people who are on Medicaid or could benefit from an expansion of the program since the Supreme Court recently ruled on the Affordable Care Act that states could not be penalized for not expanding Medicaid the way the act originally intended. If you’ve got an opinion on the subject you can talk and share it with others—including candidates for office—at this great meet and greet event.

Check out the barbecue for free, Wednesday, July 9, 6-8 p.m. at the Rice Pavilion at the northeast corner of Liberty Park, 600 E. 900 South.