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Alternative Realities Roundup 7/17



Mother Jones reports that Mitt Romney’s claim that he left Bain after February 1999 to head up the Salt Lake City Winter Games has been contradicted by Romney himself, based on testimony he gave to a Massachusetts Ballot Commission in 2002, where Romney says he had a “transition” period that included work at Bain throughout 1999.---

“Romney's mention of a ‘transition’ period for his ‘work in Boston’ is another contradiction for him to explain. Did he testify inaccurately during that hearing—after swearing to tell the truth? Or is he now trying to create a bright line—to distance himself from Bain-related layoffs and outsourcing—that didn't exist?” MJ reports.

Top of the Alty World

“Romney’s Account of His Departure from Bain Undercut by … Romney Testimony”—Mother Jones

Democracy Now! hosts author Greg Muttitt to discuss a recently released government-audit report of reconstruction efforts in Iraq that show “billions” of taxpayer dollars may have been wasted or misappropriated.—Democracy Now!

Truthout hosts economist Richard Wolff to discuss the LIBOR scandal and how government actions favor large corporations over average citizens, among other topics.—Truthout

Richard Grennell, who served as Romney’s foreign-policy adviser before he left the campaign among controversy over his sexuality, previously advised the campaign of Fred Karger, the openly gay California Republican who also sought the GOP nomination and who has been an outspoken critic of Romney and the LDS Church’s efforts to defeat gay marriage.—Buzzfeed

Top of Alty Utah

Democratic candidate for Governor Peter Cooke says he would use income-tax revenue solely to fund education.—KUER

KCPW hosts Lori Nelson president of the Utah Bar Association and media attorney and advocate Jeff Hunt to discuss a new draft rule by the Utah Judicial Council that would allow for audio and video recording in the state’s court rooms.—CityViews

A new Libertarian think tank and a Libertarian nonprofit law firm look to shake things up in state government.—Salt Lake City Weekly.


Utah Stories’ Richard Markosian confronts West Valley City Mayor Mike Winder about a sidewalk ordinance that forced a family-owned business out of town. “The ordinance had a clear double standard for large corporations, as opposed to family owned businesses: Smith’s need not bother with the sidewalk ordinance, nor the new rec center; but The Carpet Barn, a 40-year-old family business, determined it would be better to move from the lot they own in West Valley rather than pay approximately $70,000 to renovate the sidewalks to comply with West Valley’s ordinance.”—Utah Stories

The Long View

The Las Vegas Weekly checks in with scientists of the Human Microbiome Project such as microbial ecologist Brian Hedlund to talk about the reality of our co-existence with microbial life. “There was this movement as the Human Genome Project was closing that we really didn’t have the whole human genome, in a sense, because we’re always there with our friends,” Hedlund says, explaining that microbes and humans evolved together. “Generally, it’s not to their advantage to kill you. … The term I like is uneasy truce.”—Las Vegas Weekly.