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The Dark Knight Rises, and so do stupid fans


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With the lifting of a studio embargo midnight Sunday, the first reviews of The Dark Knight Rises hit the Internet Monday. And to the surprise of absolutely no one, the geeks were out in idiotic force. ---

Aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes was Ground Zero, as it was in May when spittle-flying commenters attacked any less-than-glowing review for The Avengers, especially when occasional City Weekly contributor Eric D. Snider baited the zealots with a fake pan of the film that got him banned from the site by the editor-in-chief. Rotten Tomatoes later suspended all comments, since anonymous wackos were once again threatening all sorts of harm to nonbelievers, with Marshall Fine just one case in point.

I addressed this phenomenon in detail in a City Weekly essay shortly after the release of The Avengers, so there's nothing new in this latest round of fan vitriol. What does seem to be changing is the willingness of sites to tolerate it, as indicated by Rotten Tomatoes' indication that they may move away entirely from anonymous comments. That's a model media entities of all kinds might be wise to consider, as the ability of people to deal with dissent evaporates seemingly by the day. Meanwhile, consider at minimum watching a movie before deciding you have anything worth saying about someone else's point of view.